WPML Implementation

Multilingual Websites

If you are doing business across borders, chances are that you need your website in more than one language. However, that is easier said then done. Although nowadays it fortunately is a lot easier than it used to be!

WordPress has come a long way and so has the development of many plugins that add functionality to a website. In the translation department there are a few of these tools available that offer auto-generated translations; maybe a solution for a personal blog, but certainly not for an official company website!
For those kind of websites you need to be able to use human translated content and the entire site needs to be 100% bi- or multilingual.

Due to my multilingual background I have always been keen to offer my clients multilingual websites and fortunately we have found the perfect solution!

WPML Implementation

Since mid 2009 I have been working closely together with the people behind WPML, which stands for WordPress Multi Lingual, and with this tool I can guarantee building a 100% multilingual website for you.

You only need to send me the translation of your content and I take care of the rest. If you cannot do in-house translations, ICanLocalize – the company behind WPML – can even help you with the translations at very competitive rates and from within the administration panel of your new website.

Hire Me if you would like to cross borders with your website!

WPML Assessment

WPML Implementation

Of course I can also implement the changes necessary to add language(s) to your existing website. Since 2011 I have become one of the official WPML Contractors and on a regular basis I assist people giving their websites multilingual functionality.

If you would like to try for yourself to give your website one or more additional languages, I recommend reading the WPML Setup Guide, which I wrote specifically for this purpose.

If it becomes too complicated or you would like me to have a look at it after all, I can do a WPML Assessment for you. During such an assessment, which usually takes no more than 1 hour, I will take a look at your site in general and specifically the way you have set up WPML. If there are some changes necessary, I will do them time-permitting. After the assessment I send you a report with a time estimate if further changes are necessary.

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