Just like people take care of their cars and houses, it is of utmost importance to also take care of your WordPress website.

Around three times per year the WordPress software sees a major update and throughout the year patches are released for the plugins installed on your website.

It is best to do these updates as they come out instead of postponing them. But at the same time it is important that you check what the patch addresses exactly and whether the changes will effect your website. As you can imagine this can become quite cumbersome to deal with yourself; especially when taking into account that it can happen that something breaks...

As we work with WordPress each day and every day we know exactly what is going on and are therefore well-informed at all times.

For our clients we have been offering the SO WP Website Care Plan for many years already, and now we are expanding our services to the rest of the world. Well the people with WordPress websites that is.

Below you will see that we currently offer 3 different packages, so you can choose which plan is the best fit for you.

  • Base
  • €28.50 /mth
  • Updates
  • WordPress version updates
  • WordPress plugin updates
  • Sign Up
  • Advanced
  • €37.50 /mth
  • Updates & Backups
  • Everything of Base
  • Regular Backups*1
  • Get Now
  • Summit
  • €42.50 /mth
  • Advanced + Commercial Licenses
  • Everything of Advanced
  • Usage of SO Dev Licenses*2
  • Buy Now

All plans include security monitoring and quick fix troubleshooting in case of problems.

*1 Regular Backups: The Backup Plan of the SO WP Website Care Plan addresses both file- and database backups. Depending on your site and how frequently you update the content of your site we put together a Backup schedule for you. Our Backup Plan has a so-called "double safe" built in; this means that we make a backup of the backup, one securely in the cloud and the other on our physical hard drive. On top of that we always keep the most recent 2 versions of either backup.

*2 Usage of SO Dev Licenses: SO WP is the dev license holder of many premium plugins and the great advantage of these developer licenses is that we can use them on any site we like. And that can be very beneficial for you as it can literally save you hundreds of dollars! We currently hold the licenses of the following plugins and we added the yearly license fee of each plugin behind it, so you can see for yourself how much you can save!

  • WPML (multilingual) - $79
  • Gravity Forms (form) - $199
  • Formidable Pro (form) - $117
  • Advanced Custom Fields Pro (custom meta data) - $75
  • Meta Box several Extensions (custom meta data) - $107
  • FacetWP (filtered search) - $79
  • WP Rocket (caching) - $39
  • Soliloquy (slider) - $99
  • Isotope (sort & filter layout) - $25
  • Packery (layout library) - $25

Before we can admit your site into the SO WP Website Care Plan you need to make sure that both the WordPress version and all themes and plugins are up to date. In most cases we also will first want to do an Entry Assessment. After you have submitted your application we will let you know whether it is necessary for your website. The Entry Assessment is billed separately at €300-€500 depending on the site and it does not guarantee admittance into the Plan.
If your site can be admitted into the SO WP Website Care Plan, we will discount you half of the Entry Assessment Fee.

If your website is being or has been developed by BHI Consulting for Websites, you will of course not need the Entry Assessment.